Sunday, November 28, 2010

Freakin' WKd #2: I Had A Dream I Wuz AT 50cents BDAY PAwTY...

Went 2 a 50's Inspired Video shoot 4 Stonesthrow Records This Wkd..It was 4 This Jam Par MED & Talib Kweli : 'CLASSIC' (click 2 LIsteN)
The Shoot Wuz In A Cool Building From Da 20's, With Neato things IN it..
 Like These Rainbow Bells That I WANT↕

 Typewriters & HTMLS

Here's all the shoesies 4 the VideoHoez..none of them fitted my teenytotfeets..

Here's My Make-UP girrrrl..I liked her ToolBelt packed with PRETTY!

The Lovely Marlee & Ashley Looking 50's fancy with Moi

Mr.PB WOLF & Moi Weee!

I done Lots of Walkin today...
Cuz This Bitch Broke..Naughty Mercy the Merecedes!
OYA! I Had a dream I was at 50cents 50th bday pawty...I was famous 2 & helping organize it 4 MY BFF 50 at a GimongOuS beautiFUL mansion with all sorts of crayFUN..We GONNA PAWTy LIKE iTS Yo BirthDAY!!

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