Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Movie Tuesday #2 :Sorry 'Valley Girl' But 'Means Girls' Wuz Fetch...

Okay So Thiz Week My Fav HiSchool Girl Classex...In Order Of Least FAV 2 MoST FAV!! :)
ANd if you haven't watched them DUH! DO IT ALREADY!

Number ⓸: Valley Girl
Its Nice to see the vintage & its cute with Nicholas Cage young n weird..but I couldn't get into the lead girl-I hate her hair & its a lil boring , so  LIKE FUCK OFF TOTALLY FOR SURE ♡

Number ⓷: Mean Girls
I like Mean Girls considering how modern it is...its funnaaay, a lil cheeseballz, and their outfits aren't very inspiring, but its just more fetch than Valley Girl..

Number ⓶: Heathers
I go back & forth on wether this is my number 1, but I guess its just defo Not..but it is an effin TReat..

Number ⓵: CLUELESS
I love clueless anytime EVER n often think about it...Like HeLLOOODUHH!!
The outfits win, the quotes win & the characters win.


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