Monday, January 24, 2011

Music Mondays & Freakin Weekin #9: Gurlz Just Wanna Have FUn & HOTNEWBIZZY...

Listen 2 Thiz ClassiCK AMAZINGballz GIRL ANTHEM par Cindy Lauper while looking at these Pix of me & the Girliez from thiz WKD..GET IT???

Foto 4 cover by Rony Alwin
Gimme Dat ♡♡♡♡♡

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Video Thurzday: WhatEVR WEdnesday & such...

SO my WhatevR wed got thrashed but my offeringz r my pix i never posted form teh freakin weekin'

 And in honor of video Thurzday & POp Levi's SHow 2nite at 830 at THE ROXY in HollyHood Here iz one of POp Levi's videos he made..dedicated 2 Little Richard...ITS GONNA BE A CRAYHOTSEXISHOWTIME!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

MUsiC Mondayz/Movie Tuezdayz #8 : Monsieur G., WEInc.

I KNOW I'm LATE...So i'll Make thiz quick..
DON't 4GET 2 Check out
NEW FRESHHH FREE DLzz..including the World Empire Inc EP which yours truly iz featured playin on & in the video posted..CHECK THE FLY Cover BIZZY!! ♡♡♡♡
Serge Gainsbourg...An amazing french singer/song writer, director & actor!! He was also a drunk..poor Uncee Serge..
SO someone doesn't allow a Hella Lot of Hiz RiLL Viddyz to be embedded from youtube :(  BUT check them OUT..I can't EVEN post the interview with Whitney Houston where Serge says he Wants to EFF her!! ITZ GOLDDDDD...
Here's one out of WUT i could find 2 share...Itz Part of the Melody Nelson series he done did with Jane Birkin..

Here iz a sexual clip from one of the films he made in 1976  'Je T'aime, Moi Non Plus' Starring his lover Jane Birkin & 70's Cult film star Joe Dallesandro... I must say I haven't seen thiz but I'm DLing the shizz outta it Rinnow..


Friday, January 14, 2011

FasHioN Fridays #7: BARBIEwurld.

So I alwayz wanted my Barbiez clothes..I even used to sew her amazing dresses with my Auntie Peggy, she looked amazing. & Of course I was partial to the brown hair-ed dollz cuz they looked more like me...
O, And duh I'm only posting vintage Barbiez- as if the New ONes R Cute! Nu-UH.
 This is Barbiez old friend, Midge. She has a baby & hangs out with her and Ken all the time. 3rd wheel thats prolly on some heavy rotationnnn
Moon Barbie.
 1st Malibu Barbie
                                                LITTLECHAP STRUCTURES ahahahaha
                                     Black early 80z barbie!! Her white suit iz SO JamesBrown!!


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Video Thursday #7: Vanity!

Check out Vanity apres she has parted from my fav girl group EVER Vanity 6, she's on crack & T.V! She cray & sayin some weird shizim & mostly gigglez but her oufit iz amazing... ♡ SHE truly iz a PRETTY MESS...

Hurr's another goodie, she's gone mental on the Crack & iz engaged 2 Nikki Sixx...GEEZE Vanity, spiral onnnn.

PS I KNOW i missed WhatEVR Wednesday SO... WHATEVR!!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Movie Tuesday #7: I cry WOLF.

<<American Werewolf In London>> iz definitely the #1 Werewolf movie...
Itz even Better than i even thought it wuz gonna be..I'm a fan of it now..The effects are dope! & Waay inspiring..
I wuz gonna post my FAv part but I think Errone should just watch it..but pay attn when he first turns into a werewolf..the transformation iz amazing & i'm  totally terrified for him...The film iz cool & realistic but obviously not at the same time some how..


Monday, January 10, 2011

Music Mondays #7: TMHTB & JIM

The Bunny Holiday SINGLE 'Teach Me How To Bunny' iz finally available 2 DL 4 FREE at Get it WHile Itz HOTTTT....

& The DOORS. O! that Jim Morrison iz like  SO wasted ALL THE TIME but the way he sings 'Next Little Girl' just tickles moi all over...The rest of the band iz kinda really boring even tho whats his name did write 'Light My Fire', which is genius. But I can't remember his name & itz cuz he's not that fun. Not like craycray JIM...

BY the way..Doesn't anyone else think itz weird that there are no fotoz of JIm Morrison's willy from that show everyone says he pulled it out at? Seeing iz believing..Just SAYIn'

Freakin Weekinz #6: Where wuz i?

Thiz Weekend I hit UP Da Well 4 A Pawty..




  U know your lives in the hood when they give out things like soap & stuff on the corner on WKDZ.. its a nice hood :)