Friday, January 14, 2011

FasHioN Fridays #7: BARBIEwurld.

So I alwayz wanted my Barbiez clothes..I even used to sew her amazing dresses with my Auntie Peggy, she looked amazing. & Of course I was partial to the brown hair-ed dollz cuz they looked more like me...
O, And duh I'm only posting vintage Barbiez- as if the New ONes R Cute! Nu-UH.
 This is Barbiez old friend, Midge. She has a baby & hangs out with her and Ken all the time. 3rd wheel thats prolly on some heavy rotationnnn
Moon Barbie.
 1st Malibu Barbie
                                                LITTLECHAP STRUCTURES ahahahaha
                                     Black early 80z barbie!! Her white suit iz SO JamesBrown!!


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