Monday, January 10, 2011

Music Mondays #7: TMHTB & JIM

The Bunny Holiday SINGLE 'Teach Me How To Bunny' iz finally available 2 DL 4 FREE at Get it WHile Itz HOTTTT....

& The DOORS. O! that Jim Morrison iz like  SO wasted ALL THE TIME but the way he sings 'Next Little Girl' just tickles moi all over...The rest of the band iz kinda really boring even tho whats his name did write 'Light My Fire', which is genius. But I can't remember his name & itz cuz he's not that fun. Not like craycray JIM...

BY the way..Doesn't anyone else think itz weird that there are no fotoz of JIm Morrison's willy from that show everyone says he pulled it out at? Seeing iz believing..Just SAYIn'

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