Tuesday, January 18, 2011

MUsiC Mondayz/Movie Tuezdayz #8 : Monsieur G., WEInc.

I KNOW I'm LATE...So i'll Make thiz quick..
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Serge Gainsbourg...An amazing french singer/song writer, director & actor!! He was also a drunk..poor Uncee Serge..
SO someone doesn't allow a Hella Lot of Hiz RiLL Viddyz to be embedded from youtube :(  BUT check them OUT..I can't EVEN post the interview with Whitney Houston where Serge says he Wants to EFF her!! ITZ GOLDDDDD...
Here's one out of WUT i could find 2 share...Itz Part of the Melody Nelson series he done did with Jane Birkin..

Here iz a sexual clip from one of the films he made in 1976  'Je T'aime, Moi Non Plus' Starring his lover Jane Birkin & 70's Cult film star Joe Dallesandro... I must say I haven't seen thiz but I'm DLing the shizz outta it Rinnow..


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