Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Movie Tuezday #10 : Eugenie 2000

Eugenie de Sade aka De Sade 2000.
A film made  by Jesus Franco
He's made over 200 movies, thats more THAN ANYONE.
He loved basing his films off of Marquis De Sade..
This is 1 of many I'll furturepost in ur face.
Starring Soledad Miranda, a beauty that died when she was 28 :( He race car boyfriend wuz driving.
If these pix aren't enuff to make u wanna watch it...what is?

 O BTW Don't watch TRUE GRIT it = TRUE SHIT..i hated looking at that girl the whole time it wuz just no fun to watch her tryin to act...at least Damon pulled through with a spanking...

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