Monday, February 7, 2011

Music Mondayz #10: KEEpin THE VIBE ALIVE in LALA 4U..

Ya-I haven't Blogged in a while..BUT i wuz ill mothasuckaz & bizzy as eff! But now i'm back on track & doin it JUST 4 U ♡
To start with don't forget to visit :
There's a New Jam that celebratez Da Reason 2 Stay in LALA..check dat groove..Its HEAVEN SENT. I should know i'm delivering on thiz bizz ;)
ALSO we needz To talk HANCOCK..Herbie Hancock
He used to play with geniuses like Miles Davis..but when he does is SOLO thang itz DA BOMB!!
Herez ONE of my FAV HanCOCK TUNEZZZ...Keepin dat IsH AliVE!! U fEeL MEEEEE? 
U should also watch ROCKIT by Herbie, I wuz cock blocked when I tried to embed 4 u :( 


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